Nahargarh is magnificently poised near the forest of Ranthambhore, amidst the dense expanse of trees and abundant wildlife. This fascinating royal retreat is just a few yards away from Ranthambhore National Park- the Tiger inhabited wildlife sanctuary of Rajasthan. Stretched across acres of land, and encompassed by lush wilderness, Nahargarh dressed in ivory white fortification and set amidst thousands of trees offers a tranquil experience of royalty and wilderness. Nahargarh, the exuberant palace hotel is revered amongst the guests for being one of the most indulgent properties in Rajasthan; where adventurous safaris and tiger tour moments bring excitement to mornings, while evenings are more engaging with cultural performances.

Come; discover the fascinating holidays in Nahargarh featuring exceptional amenities, anticipatory service and mesmeric views of wildlife.


Savor the essence of music and art beyond borders with Ranthambore Festival in Nahargarh Palace. Spread across exemplary venues within the majestic Nahargarh Palace, a kaleidoscope of unforgettable moments awaits you at the Ranthambore Festival. A fascinating blend of eclectic music & dance by the artists fetched from the remotes of Rajasthan and foreign lands, interactive talk sessions by eminent names, cultural workshops, exciting nature activities, culinary delights and so much more, Ranthambore Festival at Nahargarh Palace has something for everyone- whether you’re lazy and artistic or adventure-seeking and late night party regular. Come over, and be mesmerized.



Experience Music, Nature, & Wellness

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